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Here's an accordion through FX


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I did the multiple pedals experimenting thing 30 years ago - sounds swimming in reverb, pitch manipulation with delays, running a Rhodes through a Moog filter, ring mod, etc. etc. It's all fine, but I don't hear that as cutting edge. Not that anyone else should care, but I know that when I listen to some of my old recordings, I hear certain things that used to be current come across as uncomfortably dated today. No big deal - I'm sure that things have been that way since some musicians shunned krumhorns and harpsichords.


HOWEVER, I wanted to thank you for bringing forth a rare accordion clip to this forum. A keyboard that "breathes"!

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It was interesting

Accordion may be the "poor relative" of keyboard instruments, but its ability to breath it's beyond comparison in good hands.

There's a Finish accordionist that does all these crazy stuff with pedals, loopers etc. His name is Kimmo Pohjonen. You got to check him out

Be grateful for what you've got - a Nord, a laptop and two hands
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Very very cool and interesting!


I'm planning to do something like this at the end of the season (summer, with its numbers of gigs it's not the best time for experiment) to enrich our duo (guitar/vox and accordion/vox) sounds and rhythm palette.


Currently I'm miking my accordion with a dynamic mounted directly on it and then passing it in a digitech vx400 for delay, reverb, but also some more creative effects.


Thanks for sharing!

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