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Midi Sync with VSTs


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Hello guys,

Please, any tips for a rookie beginning trying to sync VSTS (Specifically in my case now Omnisphere) with Reapers bpm so arpeggiator in the VST matches reapers click track?

I'm using metronome on, and when I tap tempo with the mouse in DAW I can also change omnisphere arp bpm, but it doesn't fit perfectly..., it seems that DAW metronome beep is a little faster than omnisphere..., also I don't know how to make it start both exactly in the same time... I'm almost sure everything is working fine but I don't know hot to use/program correctly...

Many thanks!

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There's nothing to program or enable in Omnisphere. Its arpeggiator will automatically follow your DAW's project tempo. Make sure you have set the project tempo correctly. From there, record a track of you holding chords / notes of the part you want to create. Then quantize what you played. That last step is what will lock everything together.

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