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Got a DSI mopho keyboard. Small review


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For those who saw my thread about expanding the rig here: Clonk


I made the decision to add a mopho keys to my rig. Here is a small review.


This is the first real analog synth for me (I have an old Korg poly 61, but its gathering dust).


About the Mopho. I love the interface. It is really compact, but programming feels very natural. It is very easy to see what is going on in a preset. The basic things as envelopes and filters a directly accessible. Some of the modulator functions are hidden a bit deeper, but nothing to cumbersome. I was able to create some patches quite to my satisfaction from the beginning.


The keys are playing nice. This was one of the reasons I went for a mopho. All other options were having mini-keys...


Then the sound. As I said, I am no analog expert, but this thing sounds good. The Mopho has 2 oscillators, but each oscillator also has a suboscillator (1 and 2 octaves down). Because of this, it can really sound thick. The filters sound very good and tight. There are enough modulators. There is a feedback option and a audio mod (which modulates the filters by the notes played). So all these options together really make it quite versatile.


As said, I want to use the Mopho in a pop (originals) band. Today we had a rehearsal, first time I brought it. Everybody really loved it. The singer (she is the BL, writing all the songs etc), was absolute thrilled and wanted me to use it in every song (bit too much imo :)).


The Mopho needs some effects of course, otherwise it is too dry. The guitar player of the band had an old Eventide timefactor. I can buy it from him if I like. I'm going to experiment with it, but I think I will like it. The Mopho can send a midi clock to the eventide and the mopho also has a tap tempo function. This way my LFO's and delay's can all be in sync.


Als in all I think it was a good choice.




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Oh yeah. Love mine. Almost got rid of it a few times, but it's hard to let go of a piece of gear that really is an instrument (whether or not you like the harsher DSI/Curtis sound).


The TimeFactor will totally work wonders for it. That'll be awesome. Combine that with a mod pedal or two and you'll be in psychedelic city.

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