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Portland jazz scene


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Any fellow Portlanders here, would love to hear what you guys think of the jazz scene here. Where is the best place to hear live jazz? The spot would normally go to Jimmy Mak's, but with the old place closing down, I need to find a good new place to go hear music.
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That is too bad about Jimmy Mak's, played there a number of times over the years, always felt it was a great club.


I don't really know the Portland club scene anymore, but if you are interested in more avant-garde jazz, look up the Creative Music Guild, they book a number of concerts at different venues, and bring some really interesting artists.

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Yeah, Jimmy's health is declining so he can't keep the place open anymore. He says he'd be more than willing to sell the place (they were in the middle of a big move so it would be pretty expensive), but if that doesn't happen Mak's is going to be no more.


I'm not particularly into avant-garde but I'll certainly check it out.

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I am in the Portland area.


The club situation in this area has changed dramatically in the past two or three years.


This probably has to do with escalating real estate prices, and also something to do with a lot of the talent getting older.


I thought the heart and soul of Portland was not at Jimmy Mak's, but rather at The Candlelight. When that closed, a lot of new talent didn't have a chance for exposure. There were a lot more people sitting in.... Jimmy Mak's never did that.


I just visited L.A. and I am seeing similarities. Not many places to play. I went to the World Stage jam and it was not the same.... nothing to write home about.




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