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Monty Alexander at age 20


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Recorded live in Los Angeles at The Esquire Theater in 1964. Monty Alexander was age 20.


At age 19 Monty was working at a club in Miami that also had Lenny Bruce and a Sinatra imitator on the bill. The real Frank Sinatra and his N.Y buddy "Jilly" came by one night. Somebody told them that "there's this little kid playing in the bar, he's swinging the joint pretty good"... So, they hired Monty that night to be the house pianist at Jilly's nightclub up in NY city. So, Monty worked as house pianist at Jilly's from 1963-1967. Jilly's was one of Sinatra's favorite places to party. Monty accompanied Frank on piano numerous times. A lot of "made" men hung out there, real tough guys. Monty was expected to keep the energy up in party mode all night long and to stay out of trouble.

While there, he met people like Count Basie, Miles Davis, Judy Garland among others.


John Brown's Body 0:00

Jitterbug Waltz 5:59

Comin' Home Baby 11:05

If I Were A Bell 16:55

The Grabber 23:20

Autumn Leaves 28:53

I've Never Been In Love Before 35:10

Blues For Jilly 40:46 (recommended)


Monty Alexander: piano

Victor Gaskin: bass

Paul Humphrey: drums




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Fantastic player.

Saw him in Coral Gables and also at the Coconut Grove every month when I lived there.

Oscar and Joe, Jaco and Joe Denato @ Les Jardin all the time.


Besides the fine trim Miami was the place to be as an 17 year old in 1977.

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Can you imagine what it would be like living in a world today where the audience exudes a show of emotion or appreciation immediately after recognizing a few notes of "Jitterbug Waltz" ?


I can't. ;)


Yeah he sounds great then even at such a young age. Incredible player and he's had a very fulfilling career.




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