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Tyros 4 arranger help w drum tracks


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I am out of my depth with this topic, but I can get help.

Preliminarily I want to ask simple questions so I do not waste a consultants time.

I have a Tyros 4 which has many drum loops ( or whatever they are called )

Simply put, I want many more of the pop, hip hop, reggae etc variety


Is there a go to place for MIDI drums that are perfectly suitable for loops for pop music?

Is it a practical idea to import them into the tyros4


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Ha ha, sorry. Tyros, PA4X same shite. ;):2thu:


Point being, there aren't hardly any arranger owners/players here and I-MissRichardTee frequently posts questions about it to little avail.





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Hi --


There is a large on-line community of Tyros/PSR musicians on the PSR Tutorial Forum:




Several of the most active members are songwriters, performers making their own backing tracks, and EDM enthusiasts. The PSR Tutorial site itself has a lot of tutorials, free styles, etc.


If you're looking for short MIDI snippets that can be strung together into a full drum track, please try Groove Monkee:




Prospective customers can get a free taste by downloading their free MIDI loops. I just completed a funky jazz track using a few of the free loops and then jumped in and bought the Retro Funk set. Money well-spent and they deserved the pay-back.


Are you looking to produce a full MIDI drum track (i.e., a "MIDI Song" in Tyros-speak) or are you looking to make new Styles? I translated some Motif performances ("arpeggios") to PSR/Tyros style format. If anyone is interested, I can post the links.


Hey, hey, take care -- pj


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