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Big library users Big is you HD? SSD brand recommend?

Ensenada Guide

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in the market for a 500 gigs or 1 therabite drive

I was wondering how big is your Drive specially if you have a Big Sample Library ? and use DAW



P.S i do my research before asking but to be honest you have the most helpfull answers and gave me info that was critical.

www.ensenadatourguide.com https://www.facebook.com/ldstourguide

Will give tours for Keyboards :)


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I recently acquired this....which I hope will keep me going for the next few years.

Seagate Backup Plus 4 TB USB 3.0 Portable 2.5 inch External Hard Drive for PC and Mac - Red https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B01DEUZS5O/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_tai_bmfpybQR3CD76

The most useful thing about it is its gorgeous colour, which is surprisingly important as the thing is really quite small. I do not want it disappearing without trace into my heap of anonymous black objects....

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LOL I get a hard time from my wife about the garish covers I put on my phone, tablets and kindle...heck even (especially) my wallet is a bright blue parachute material. We have dark furniture and my eyesight and memory aren't what they once were! I need that contrast.


I've been debating whether to get a fast external drive to complement my macbook pro's standard drive. It's an older machine though so really thinking more of when/if I upgrade. A faster external drive might not be faster though due to using usb, but there I'm not sure. The smaller new macbook pro at least has "flash drives" that go to 256 (I assume these are ssds) so an external 7200 with plenty of space that holds big libraries would be the ticket maybe.

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Holy Moley, I thought you were joking until I checked Amazon...2TB SSDs, wow. I can see I haven't specced out a computer in a long, long time other than an iMac (which you don't really "spec" out parts for in any case)


Definitely doing some shopping now, though getting a big drive might "force" me to get the full version of Garritan CFX...:)

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Since your MBP is older (presumably old enough to allow user HD canges), why not go to a high quality SSD (such as the Crucial MX300, which is available up to 2TB)?

All you need is a USB drive holder, use Carbon Copy to clone the original HD to the SSD, then open the machine and switch drives. I did this on my MBP 2011 which had a 750G HD, replaced with MX200 1TB - a huge difference in performance overall.

These drives are rated at a high enough number of writes to last most likely longer than the useful life of the computer.

It will cost a bit more than external 7200 rpm (but you can mount your existing drive in a USB enclosure and format it as an external)

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