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What a long strange trip...


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Sometimes life is just so serendipitous. I just had to share this.


Had a gig on Friday night that went well. Was a little tired on Saturday and didnt expect to do much that evening. At around 5 oclock, the wife and I started thinking about what to cook for dinner when I got a text from my niece. She tells me that the sound guy that I worked with at her wedding (I played for an hour over hor d'oeuvres, then played the wedding march) had just texted her saying he was looking for a keyboard player to fill in for a gig that evening. Thing was that it was with one of the most prominent Grateful Dead tribute bands in Oregon. I thought it was a joke/prank, and told her that if they wanted me to sub.to have them give me a call. Three minutes later, I got the call. Yes, they were looking for someone to fill in on keys, and they were scheduled to do a sound check in about an hour.could I make it. Ive played a good amount of Dead over the years, but certainly didnt know their full book. They told me theyd send a PDF of Dead repertoire and other tunes they play.like 352 pages worth. I use an iPad anywayso very easy to get it in, and get it set up. I thought I aint gonna blow this oneand told them Id be there. I threw down some dinner and headed out, feeling fairly freaked out, but pretty excited too.


I showed up at the venue that Ive played at many time, so that made me a little more comfortable. I was greeted by a bunch of absolutely great guys that were so appreciative that I filled in on such short notice. Theyd called probably at least a dozen other players, but everyone was either at a gig, or not available. What made it even more challenging, and a little nerve wracking was that there was no set list, so I had no idea what wed play. One of the lead guitarists had to lean over after every song and tell me what we were doing next. Id flip to the song in the PDF, if I didn't know it already, as quickly as possible, and usually be ready at the start, if not a few bars in. First song, they looked over, cueing me to solo, and I dove in. The other guitarist across stage looked over at me smiling, giving me a thumbs up, and that's pretty much how it went the whole night. There were some tunes that I just wasnt familiar with, and took those pretty gingerly, and I think they were pretty cool with it. Both after first set, and at the end, they were really complimentary, even mentioning that wed have to play again. It seemed really genuine and real. Pulled in at 2:45 in the morning feeling really tired, but really good.


Now that its Monday morning.it feels like a dream. Strange trip indeed!


"May you stay...forever young."



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Short notice fill-in gigs are great because you get a lot of appreciation just for being there and just holding things down respectably!

Rich Forman

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And sometimes you can work good under pressure and you grow the most. I always do. You don't have time to think about it, you cram tunes, learn what you can and just do it. Your instincts, if developed well can really help you in these situations.

"Danny, ci manchi a tutti. La E-Street Band non e' la stessa senza di te. Riposa in pace, fratello"






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Nice ! Good job.


I'm currently playing in a popular Dead cover band and couldn't be happier.

So much material to choose from and many varying key styles from Bruce H and Keith G flowing piano to Brent's soulful organ.


The song reputiore from Merle Hagard, to Harder They Come, to Estimate Prophet will keep various musical styles in check.


Ohh and the Jams...... :keys:


Thanks for the report. Have fun.






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