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Philip Rees Midi Merge 2

Chris Towns

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Hi Guys,


I purchased a used PHilip Rees Midi Merge 2 unit off Ebay here in the U.K. Unfortunately it did not come with a manual. Does anyone out there have any links to a PDF manual for it please.

I'm a little confused with how it all works.

I have a Korg PA4X witha Casio PX5-S as a lower manual (using as a dummy keyboard) and a set of Roland PK5 pedals for bass. Because I only have one midi in on the Korg, I'm going to use the Midi merge 2 to combine the pedals and Casio PX5-S before sending a single out to the Korg.


Many thanks in advance,



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What do you need the manual for? There is not much options...?


Just plug in your midi outs of the pedal and the midi out of your PX5s in the "midi ins" of the merger. The "out" of the merger goes in your korg midi in. One of the midi ins is providing the power of the merger if I am correct, there should be an LED blinking.




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