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Microbook 2c and MainStage


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HI guys,


I haven't been active here but I've been stumped by this......I am not able to get output from mainstage but am able to get signal from say youtube for example,....I know to goto preferences and pick micro book as audio output and check cuemix for muted channels......but I'm assuming that MainStage has a menu button I have to engage as I'm no expert in MainStage ,...Thanks

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Here's a pic for reference,


You've found these audio preferences in MainStage 3 and you're choosing the Microbook for Audio Output and Audio Input and as mentioned above, applying changes? Because from your description it sounds like you've only set the Mac's system preferences/sound to use the Microbook - which is why your browser (youtube) and your system sounds are being monitored at the Microbook but not MainStage.



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Got confused for a while there; we have the regular @Reezekeys and now a @Razkeys as well?




Welcome Razkeys. :thu:


Here's hoping @razkeys has a Roland A500 and some QSC powered speakers, so that we have the best chance of seeing them in the same threads.


Jerry (formerly known as Tusker, not to be confused with Fusker)

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