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Pirate Radio

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Rggggggggggghhhh, good morning mateys. I feel like I've been keel hauled and hung from the main mast to dry, but on with it.....We're gonna be playing some drinking songs this morning, and I'd like to take requests from you scurvy dogs. Rgggggggggghhh! It hurts when I do that!



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Narrator: The pirate Yellowbeard captured many other galleons, killing over five-hundred men in cold blood. He would tear the captains hearts out and swallow them whole. Often forcing his victims to eat their own lips, he was caught and imprisoned... for tax evasion.


Betrayin's all part of piratin'. If you don't know that you're not even close to being a pirate, "Prawn of my loins", my foot!




What do we want? Procrastination!

When do we want it? Later!

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