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75 second natural reverb (OT-ish)


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An empty underground oil tank, some 800 feet long, built in Scotland during WWII, offers the longest human-made reverb period in the world.


A singer improvises with nyckehlarpa here -


More links (including a starting pistol reverberating for quite a while) http://www.metafilter.com/161456/Underground-music-echoes-of-war


It looks as if they might have made an IR impulse out of the space, in case you don't fancy the trip to Scotland.


(Apologies if this is too off-topic)

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That was cool, thanks.


First time I've seen/heard that particular instrument (nyckelharpa) .




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This reminded me of Paul Horn's 1968 recording of flute played inside the Taj Mahal. The reverb time is "only" (!) 28 seconds for the Taj Mahal versus 75 seconds for the oil tank, but the result is still intriguing and now "considered one of the earliest new-age music and world fusion records" (gets going around the 1:00 mark).



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