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Waterphone-like Instrument?


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Hi guys,


Many years ago I saw a percussion instrument played by Manolo Badrena that looked like a few long plastic tubes that he whirled over his head, and the resulting sound was kind of similar to a waterphone. Does anyone know what this is called? Or does anyone have any freeware waterphone samples they'd be willing to share? The ones I've found on Google don't fit my musical context (too long and drawn out). There are some waterphone sounds in Omnisphere, but they seem too "mangled" for my purposes. I just need one quick "whirl" to fit in this one spot of my tune; not worth buying an entire library for. Anyone?


Many thanks!

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Whirl a tube over your head and record it yourself? You can make some wild sounds with a vacuum hose.


That's probably what they did with this song:











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