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fantastic sound at the Oscars

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C'mon Neil, just take credit. It's easier that way. ;)


The sound was pretty damn good compared to several recent disasterous awards shows' sound fidelity. However, I'd still complain (am I allowed to complain? yes? good) that a couple of the broadcast mixes seemed very vocal heavy, but that's the nature of the beast. I heard the live mix was incredibly good from some folks who went.


- Jeff

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Originally posted by Jeff Da Weasel:

C'mon Neil, just take credit. It's easier that way. ;) ...


- Jeff

Ok, ok, Jeff... I admit it. It was me. Although my wife thinks I was the couch potato who watched the entire show with her, it was actually a cardboard cutout. (It's amazing what the scenic artists at my company can accomplish!)



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I noticed the sound jumped to mono several times, sometimes the crowd mics were too hot during the film sequences, as you could hear a lot of ambience in the signal, and a few times the dialog jumped to the left channel. All in all, though, much better than I could've done.


They did an excellent job on the vocal sound during the song segments, no one spoke into a mic before it was un-muted, and no feedback problems.


On the post production side, the edits of the film clips they had to make were seemless. They cut the word "shit" out of the Cold Mountain clip, and if I hadn't seen the film, I'd have never know of the cut (and there was even music in the background). Slick.

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