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Should I get a Nektar controller for my old Kurzweil module?


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I own an old Kurzweil Micro Ensemble Module hooked up to an awful 61-key M-Audio Radium Midiman keyboard controller (zero velocity control and key feel).


I'm seeking an inexpensive modern controller with decent feel and velocity control. Someone suggested a Nektar Impact LX 61. My goal is pleasing, nuanced keyboard control, not so much mapping to DAW software. It would be nice if the keybed was at least somewhat weighted.


Will the Nektar significantly outperform my old M-Audio controller?


How about the Nektar 88. Is it weighted more than the 61-key version?


Any other ideas? I don't want to spend big bucks because I already have a PC3 as my main axe. The old Kurz module is for hacking around in my basement.

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The Nektar LX61 does not have DIN MIDI. USB only.


The PC3 is a better controller than anything you can buy for $200.

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