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Guitar players and UPS for us.

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Has anyone had this experience.. you are playing with your standard, too loud, asshat, guitar player(s) ( God forbid, TWO guitar players ) and as the gig proceeds,at some point, you wonder "Is that guitar amp sucking power form MY amp?"!

If yes, is there any feasible way to make it so HIS amp loses power before yours does? Power conditioning, UPS, or?

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If not for circuit breakers, it is possible for an amplifier(s) to draw enough current to cause a large voltage drop on the power supply line, which would reduce the voltage to your amplifier if you were being fed on the same line. The supply line would be hot to the touch, since it would be dissipating considerable power. But the circuit breaker would trip long before the voltage would drop appreciably.


I think what's happening is that you're becoming temporarily deafened by the volume of your guitar players as they keep tweaking their volume knobs slowly higher during the performance as they engage in their own volume war against each other. By comparison, your instrument seems to be getting progressively more quiet.

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