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Quilter Tone Block


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I did a little bit of trading at one of the few remaining non-chain music stores in KC, Guitar Dock, and I think I struck gold. The Quilter Tone Block is an amazing piece of gear. I guess there are those among us to whom $399 & tax isn't a lt of money, but I had to trade my way into this thing because I have little or no money to chuck around. That being said, this sucker is worth every penney, and I'd pay it in an instant if I had it.


I first tried it out as a stand-alone bass amp. I pushed a 2x15 cab and ran a five-string OLP Stringray 5 string, the Tony Levin signature model, into the front. It has one tone contour knob, an input gain knob, and a master volume. I was playing outdoors, but I had been warned to go easy on the volume, as this thing was a genuine monster with volume. It puts out an honest 200 watts, although after pkaying it, I'd say that's pretty conservative. I set it on what it says is 100 watts, and I was really surprised. The low B on the bass was rumbling the cab so much, I had to move it off the cab before it vibrated off. The sound was fabulous! I tweaked the tone contour toward the bassy side, and it was as nice a sound as I've heard from Peavey, Ampeg, SWR & G-K heads through that cab.


Next, I played the same setup indoors, and had to turn it down to about 50 watts to keep from overpowering the band. Still sounded big, rich, and full.


Finally, I got to use it as a guitar amp, and had to set it below 40 watts with a single 1x10. I got beautiful, detailed cleans, and with the help of a Boss Dyna Drive pedal & a ZVex SHO clone I got from Jimi Photon, I got good crunch and boosted cleans, respectively. It seems to love pedals, and it sounded as warm and rich as any tube amp I've tried.


I'm really happy with an amp for the first time in a long time. I can't say too much good about this thing. And, it only weighs a few pounds! Got a back problem? This is the amp for you. If my pedal board was bigger, I'd do what it was designed for and mount it on it.

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