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Novation Ultranova for bass sounds?


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I wouldn't choose that tool. I think that is a keyboard best used for things like aggressive synth sounds. It does some decent VA.




I've used the Bass Guitar sounds from the Motif library playing keyboard bass in country bands and thought they were fine. I would look first at a MX61. MX49 is a $100 cheaper. I would get the 61 it is about the same price as the Novation and the Yamaha has a decent 61 keyboard. I think it is a great piece for that price. The keyboard is a lot nicer than what Korg and Roland is putting on their lower cost products.

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I use the Precision Cmp bass patch from a Motif rack and split my CP4. It sounds fine, especially through an Eden bass amp. I'm sure any of the MX boards would be fine, but the Motif racks are less $, particularly if you get the original one. YMMV...

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