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Question for Kurzweil PC3 owners. Malfunctions?


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Hey all,


I received my Kurzweil PC3 yesterday. Totally excited I unwrapped it from the box and connected the power and jack cables in my mixer. I booted the device and saw nothing in the screen. Waited for a while, but was sure it was completely booted (I could play the sounds) but still nothing on the screen. I adjusted the brightness and contrast on the rear panel but nothing. So I think the back-light is broken. A real deception of course..


I called the story where I bought it, and while it is an occasion, I have a year warranty so of course the are going to deal with it.


But, I have a few other concerns. Of course I can not completely check what I am doing without the display so I have a few questions for owners of a PC3(x). I want to know if some other things are not good, so I can address this immediately when they are fixing the back-light.


-While in program mode, the category buttons light an yellow LED. But if I select the "organ category" the button does not show an LED. Also when I am in the "strings" bank and select the sounds under the organ category.


-If I select the KB3 button, an blue LED should light up, but it doesn't. When I am in KB3 mode the PC3 does not respond to anything. Even when i press exit a few times I can't go back to other programs.


-Sometimes when I scroll through the programs and come by an organ patch It will be stuck at a note, even when I did not play one. Again, complete freeze.


Is there something terrible wrong with this board? I hope you guys can help. I really love the sounds so far, would really love this thing to work properly.





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register your PC3 and type a mail to:




You have new gear and it´s under warranty,- so you should contact support not to lose the warranty.

With luck, it´s only a loose ribbon cable/connection.


All other questions are speculative, fix display issue 1st, than check out the machine.



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Thank you A.C.


It is not a new board. It is an occasion, so don't know about warranty at Kurzweil.


Can I still register my PC3 at kurzweil, although it is an occasion?


When you got it used, the previous owner might have it registered already

When it´s out of warranty,- open the machine,- there are instructions in the web or you can get these from Kurzweil support.

Then look for a loose ribbon cable connection,- it´s a common failure.

I never had it w/ my PC361, but many others had loose cable connection after shipping/transport.


When the display is really dead, well, the machine needs repair.



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Regardless of "used" or if it is "registered"... contact Kurzweil support and they will assist.


Always use this link for support: http://kurzweil.com/support/operational/

Fill out all of the information.


The screen problem could be caused by a loose cable/connector. There is a hatch on the underside of the keyboard - you can remove this by taking out some screws. Check to see if a grey cable has been disconnected.


Good luck!

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Thank you very much A.C and Dave.


I opened up the PC3 and indeed there was a loose ribbon cable. One of the pins on the side is broken off, so it is not locked in its connector anymore. I have taped it, but might search for a more sustainable option.


It solved all the problems. Everything is working properly now.


Again thank you very much.




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