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Anyone ever done a Fantasy Music Camp with pros?

The Wind

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I just saw this Rock and Roll Fantasy camp, with many pro musicians. Camp

This is for guitar and not keys, but there are a few musicians there which I really admire. Price is $5500 for 4 days. Crazy but if you could play with your musical idol I guess it's worth it.


Anyone ever do these? I know Chick Corea held a camp and some attendees blogged their experience. Was quite insightful.


PS: so hilarious, I see on the bottom of this site a banner ad for this exact camp!!

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Not quite but back in the 70's I went to a workshop with Soft Machine at Newcastle University.


There were about 20 each guitarists, keyboard players, bassists and drummers - we all got together with a band member and learned parts then played them together in "bands".

I was with Mike Ratledge - at the time he was playing on Tubular Bells "live".


My overiding memory was of Allan Holdsworth with a lit cigarette stuck in his headstock of his Strat - I was appalled!

Afterwards we went to a Soft Machine gig which was excellent and included the track we learned.

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