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New Korg Kronos CX-3 Bonus Pack


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Dear KRONOS user,


Hot on the heels of KRONOS system version 2.1 and the KRS-06 CX-3 Signature Sounds bank, we're pleased to announce a free bonus set of 128 more CX-3 Programs. This brand-new bank, brought to you by members of Korgs legendary voicing team (Jack Hotop, Andy Leary, Michael Geisel, and Jerry Kovarsky), features a diverse collection of organ Programs to cover both vintage and modern applications.


The KRS-06 Bonus Organ Bank is available now at http://www.korg.com/kronosSoundLibraries, in the KRS-06 section.


* System requirements


To install the KRS-06 Bonus Organ Bank, you'll need KRONOS software version 2.1 or later. Version 2.1 is free for all registered users, and is available for download from http://www.korg.com/kronos/Support in the "Operating System" section.


We hope that you enjoy using these new sounds as much as we enjoyed creating them!


Best regards,




I just installed this and the sounds are superb!! Korg has definitely stepped it up more than a notch with the CX-3.

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I own a 2005 CX3... It sounds good to me! How similar ( the same, or not quite ?) are the new Kronos Cx3 sounds? Are there additional B3 emulations from Guido from Crumar/ Mojo, in the kronos? Is your new CX3 addition, directly related to Guido/Mojo, iterations?

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The Kronos as shipped would have been sonically the same as the 2005 CX3 (assuming it had the 2.0 software installed, which I think was standard by 2005); these are new programs based on the recently released improved CX3 engine. Crumar/Mojo is a Korg competitor in this field, so there will be no relation. Kind of like asking if the new Chevy has a Ford engine in it. ;-)

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