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Burn stereo headphone out to mono input.

Pa Gherkin

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I run mono live but would like to use the stereo headphone out of the Burn so I can use the volume control as a master volume. Volume control only affects the headphone out. This would enable either clean or overdriven sounds to be used at any volume instead of overdrive = loud and clean=soft. One possible solution might be an insert y cable (1/4 stereo to 2 1/4 mono plugs. Then plug each mono plug into its own mixer channel. Any pitfalls here? Or is there a way to safely and effectively convert the stereo headphone out to a single mono 1/4? We have some very sharp technical minds on this forum. Sadly,I'm not one of them. Don't want to screw up my new toy. Thanks in advance for any advice.
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I would use a stereo Y cable but only use one side. A Leslie sim sounds much better when NOT summed to mono, IMHO. Using just one side, it sounds more like a Leslie miked with one mic. Summing, it sounds like ... a Leslie sim summed to mono. Ugh.


If you want to sum both channels, the way you mentioned is the right way (Y cable to two 1/4" each to its own mixer channel). The wrong way to do it is to use a mono Y cable to do the summing, though it's not as likely to damage anything as it would have 30 years ago.

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^^^^ That. My Kurzweil KB3 sim sounds best in stereo, next best to pick one side only, worst is a mono mix.

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