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What's the oldest/vintage synth you gig with regularly?


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Occasionally with a Yamaha P50m Module and Yamaha DGX-300. Used mostly for practice now but the module still cuts through well and for an old/cheap/light board many of the non AP sounds on the DGX still sound pretty good to my ears. Never had a problem with it.

Hammonds:1959 M3,1961 A-101,Vent, 2 Leslies,VB3/Axiom,

Casio WK-7500,Yamaha P50m Module/DGX-300

Gig rig:Casio PX-5S/Roland VR-09/Spacestation V3


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I'm playing a 1912 Chickering Grand every day. It's the piano I learned on, I've been playing since I was 4, and I'm 50.
Ah yes, the venerable hammer-and-string synthesis method! Produces such rich waveforms. But really: no MIDI, no modulation or pitch bend, no aftertouch, only one filter adjustment (without using tools or preparing with additional objects), no patch memory (none needed since there's only one possible patch), only one preset envelope, which always applies to both amplitude and filter, and at most only 3 realtime on/off controllers. Sheesh.


At least it is velocity sensitive, with graded hammer action and 288-voice / 88-note polyphony.


But it weighs a ton and requires periodic tuning and maintenance. I don't know why anyone bothers with these antiquated beasts.

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