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Best "straight ahead" guitar amp 25-30 watts?


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You guys here are great! Your assistance here is much appreciated..


@Caevan ...I will print out this info and give it to him this morning...I admit I was very pleasantly surprised at the dynamics of this unit by simply making a few small adjustments on the existing controls. And the sound is nailed..sweet as.


But, being a teenager he does want to emulate his m8's (who are A1 players btw) and get pedals..He does agree that perhaps two or three at most would suit, it is just a case of picking the correct combination.


@ Danny ...price range per is probs up to $150 Aussie..


It is about time I gave him this forum addy and he can chat with you guys himself. Probs way better than getting it all second hand.

There is no luck - luck is simply the confluence of circumstance and co-incidence...


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I'm very late to the party, but just for people who might read this thread later and be asking the same questions, if you're looking at amps and you like the Vox AC15, see if you can check out a Bad Cat Cougar. Great sounding amp if you ask me. A lot like a Vox, but a little darker and more friendly to distortion pedals. Plus it has an effects loop (big decision changer for me.)

Mine's only 5 watts, but it gets pretty loud, especially with some dirt in front. Probably would need something a tad bigger for any serious gigging, but it works fine for me.

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