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This looks like a fun and cheap way to add mod & aftertouch

Phil Aiken

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Could see using this with a keyboard with no mod wheel or aftertouch - playing the notes on your board, and JUST using this for those functions.

Can even do poly aftertouch if you use it for notes as well.




I've also been reading up on the Doepfer Ribbon controllers for similar (but obviously different) functionality.


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I started a QuNexus thread a while back ... too lazy to search at the moment.


It's a fun piece, although the pitch-bend "pad" is problematic. You really need to futz with the settings to get it to respond the way you want. Jury's still out on the tilt feature... definitely takes some getting used to.


I still need to get the polyAT mode set up with Omnisphere and give that a whirl.


It's certainly better than other button/pad controllers I've tried, and for hacking out sounds and capturing simple ideas on the go, I still like it.


It's definitely a fun accessory to an existing board, and probably better at that than as an all-around expressive instrument.



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Mark Steiner rigged up a "QuNexus wobble wagon" - the QuNexus sits on top of a wheeled contraption, allowing him to do pitch bends and vibrato. He's the son of Nyle Steiner, the inventor of Akai EWI and EVI, also responsible for the Steiner-Parker synth filter design, as well as a 24-stage vactrol phase shifter/string filter. Like his dad, he plays EVI, but has been experimenting with getting horn-like phrasing from the QuNexus.



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