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New Arturia analog in the works (?)


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Anyone have one? Phatt?


Don't have one but considered one and put it through the paces pretty thoroughly. The oscillator is fat but the filter is not, especially in the higher frequencies. Thin and weedy is my description of the filter, which means I would use the minibrute only for occasional raw sounding big parts (leads and basses) and lots of different kinds of little parts. It is well priced, so if you already have the big parts nailed ....


In my opinion, there is a very good reason why the steiner-parker filter has not been emulated extensively in the past. :whistle:

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Meh ...


Sorry, but I hate all the current gear with these tiny little keyboards. Gimme at least 3 octaves, 4 is better, and full size keys, will ya?


Or are we "real" players not the target market any more? Maybe that's why nobody can be bothered making a decent 76 key controller...


Yea, I'm in a bitchy mood today...

Les Mizzell


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Thnx tusker for feedback. :thu: looks like my best choice in that price range might be casios synth. Unless you know of something else knobby and cool. It dont hafta have keys..got a controller for the chore.. Speaking of key size... Do you all remember all those mini keys coming out in the 80's? It was the only time I could ever grab a tenth in D without going 'OUCH!' :laugh:
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It's tough to argue with the rumored $300 price, but I'm not so keen on the Steiner-Parker filter.


Also, if it doesn't have presets, I question its usefulness live as shown in the video. No band is going to have time to dial in new sounds between songs, so you're stuck with one sound. A microKORG it isn't.

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