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Programs Associated with Nord Piano Library Samples


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I was wondering if any Nord users might be able to help with a question about the programs associated with the piano library sample. I just got a Nord Electro 4 HP and installed the Italian Grand in place of the Bright Grand sample. When I look at the program tab in the Sound Manager, it still shows the Bright Grand program name. I realize it is playing the Italian Grand sample but the program parameters are those for the Bright Grand.


Can I load whatever programs exist for the Italian Grand and if so, how do I put those in the program section. Or is it a situation where the programs are relatively straight forward and I should just tweak the Bright Grand one to my liking and rename it.


In a related note, when I start going through the Sample Library portion, if I want to make significant changes to the factory contents, will the appropriate programs load when I load in a new sample set. Thanks for your help as I am still getting used to the Nord environment.



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