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OT - A top 500 CD's list?


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I've decided to listen to a different CD every day for the next year. In addition, I don't want to listen to just CD's I already own. While searching for a list of top 500 CD's the Rolling Stone list got the most results. While looking over the list I have to say it is pretty crappy and very narrow. Too many artists have multiple CD's on that list.


The Beatles, Stones and Dylan each have 10. Springsteen has 9. The Who have 7 and Bowie has 6. Radiohead, Elton, U2, Marley and Zeppelin each have 5. That is 77 slots taken by 11 artists. Even more if you consider that individual Beatles have 4 more on that list.


There has to be a better, more varied list out there. Anyone have any suggestions?

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Lately the radio in Holland has produced some "top 1000 of all times" lists. In fact, lately the quality of the (air) broadcasts is so very bearable (on my Nokia communicator FM stereo receiver + bi-amped monitors), it's regularly fun to put on.


I am pretty sure there's like a "top 1000" list on veronica.nl or something, I didn't check it out. But, also that list isn't exactly what I'd hope for, but a lot of good songs just the same.



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