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Need a little Ivory 2 support


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Hi all,


I have Ivory 2 installed with the samples on an external drive from my MacBook Pro. Today I accidentally loaded a project without turning the drive on, and now the Ivory interface loads, but makes no sound. I assume that Ivory needs to be told where it's samples are located, but I can't figure out how that's done. I tried everything on Synthogy's FAQ, with no joy. Can anyone offer any assistance? Thanks!

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You know your stuff; we're 3/4 of the way restored! Now that I've run the tool and Ivory sees the samples, here's what I need to solve: All the pianos are fine with the exception of the one that I was using on this tune. Ivory says that there's "no piano keyset" for the Studio 7' Grand Dry. Where do I go from here? Thanks again!

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