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neo ventilator


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well after going through this site and asking questions, I finally ordered the vent. any advice as to favorite settings on the vent and the sk1? I'm assuming the internal leslie on the sk1 should be turned off. I am running my sk1 through a mixer and then to a bose L1 with two bose bass cabinets. thank you in advance. hope I made a good purchase.....Larry
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Yes, internal Leslie AND Overdrive should definitely be shut off. I'd start with all dials at 12 O'Clock and adjust to taste as some settings make it sound more like a 122 and others like a 147,etc. If you have a real Leslie, A/B to it. It's fun to do that, sounds great,particularly in stereo, and you are going to love it!

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Agreed - start with everything at 12 o'clock and go from there. I find that I run the acceleration about 2 o'clock, the drive around 1 o'clock, and the distance about 3 o'clock (it really "pounds" if at noon or lower).

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Spd 8-9

Acc 7

Bal 12


Dst 3


Slower speed for jazz, faster with more drive for blues-rock. I like a slow, but not sick, leslie.




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