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Weird Cover/Sample Question.


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So my band wants to do Word Up from Cameo (don't laugh) and we'll end up doing it a bit more like the Korn cover but still maintain the original feel. Think keys, funk bass with some crunchier guitar.


So that intro key part is, from what I can gather, a sample from the good, the bad and the ugly (main title by: Ennio Morricone). See link below for my source:




So the methodology from here has be a bit stumped. Playing on a Kronos FYI. I can use Sonar to pull that part I want from the soundtrack and I guess transpose it up a couple octaves right? Then I will set the sample to play on a single keystroke and just retrigger it a few times? Or is there a better method?


Can those of you with better ears let me know if there is a recognizable effect in there because it doesn't sound like just the original sample transposed up (chorus? delay?). Something else in there going on?


Any advise, as always, would be appreciated.


In case anyone wants a blast from the past:



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You don't need to sample that. It was produced on a synth originally - I made a whistle sound for my Chroma years ago for this song that nailed it.



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