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Ibanez NGD


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surprize no it isn't pink. i decided to go for the S420 with the ZR trem that was in stock.

i could have gone pink but for some reason the S series was calling my name. taking momma out to the new years dance so pics will have to wait. but until now here is a link of the model i bought.


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comfortable is right. i can't believe i have never given the S series a try until recently. i love Ibanez in general.

i like the mahogany body it is super tonefull and light. the neck is just plain sweet. i find i am playing with less effort. an ergonomic dream.


the trem is great and the pickups are quite good, i don't know why every Ibanez fan on other forums automatically replace them.

not saying i won't but i am not in a hurry to do so.


the only negative thing is the strings that are on it must have suffered some trauma because they have some slight kinks around the bridge pickup. i suspect the shipping box was slammed around while the strings were slack.


the in between settings on the 5 way take quite a drop in volume when running clean, but they do offer a cool tone change from buckers when cranking the gain.


and i am glad it is the worn black, easy to keep clean and it doesn't smudge.

they had a returned S 970 with walnut top from the premium line in the store and the acoustic tone was the same. but let me tell you that s970 was beautiful and the owner had installed dimarzio pickups.

I am amazed at the quality from their Indonesian factory.


i am very happy, but i spent some time in the store mauling a hell of a lot of guitars ( and tuning them ).

the ZR trem is solid and doesn't lose sustain at any position.

i can dump or raise notes and they will continue to sing.


fretwork is awesome and it looks like some of the premium touches are trickling into the regular line, the fret ends have more attention than what i have seen in the past on regular Ibanez guitars.


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