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Changed out the X2 Speaker for Eminence Lil Buddy


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Well yesterday I changed out the stock speaker on the Super Champ X2 for the Eminence Lil Buddy hemp cone 10" speaker. Although I was liking the stock speaker more as it broke in. I have to say I am liking the Lil Buddy a bunch also. It will take some time to break in I think, playing at lower volumes, but once I get 'er EQ'd in just like I like it, I think it will do very well for me.


I have to say it did eliminate that Fender black face sparkle, but at the same time it took the harsher highs away and eliminated them completely. It is more jazzy sounding than country and by far, but my 70 year old ears like it a big bunch so far.

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No Fender sparkle on a Fender sounds like not what you are looking for?!?!?!?


I was looking for an amp cheap, with one good clean and one good overdrive foot switchable with on board reverb. I also have a Fender Hot Rod Deluxe also and that don't and never did have the Fender black face sparkle.


Fender black faces and silver face amps were always far too bright for my taste, the Lil Buddy goes a long way to eliminate that, but not all the way. Ear plugs took it the rest of the way until the amp/speaker breaks in a little better.

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