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and another guitar slinger gets called home...


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bugs henderson

rest in peace


Many years ago an internet sound guy buddy of mine sent me a board tape of a gig he mixed at a bar in Austin of Bugs. It's one of the most thrilling live performance recordings I've ever heard. I don't know what else he did, but what he did that night was simply amazing.


Scott Fraser
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Don't know him. Never heard of him. Shouldn't really care.


But he was a GUITAR PLAYER, and deserves our respect!


Rest in peace, bugs.


I started out with NOTHING...and I still have most of it left!
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Met him in Austin a couple times. He was very approachable. He was also one the most astounding players to have ever lived. Commercial success eluded him, as his songwriting was .....less than stellar. Even Willie Nelson guesting on at least one of his albums didn't get him the recognition he richly deserved, but trust me: within his realm, you've never heard better. Sad to learn this news.




This is the same lineup I saw him with almost 20 years ago. That's his son on drums, who, at 15 was the scariest young drummer I'd ever seen. The whole band graciously spent their entire break talkin' guitars, bars, amps, and everything else musicians get up to. They treated my buddy Dave and myself like old, long lost friends.


BTW - his PRS through his Rivera rig was the finest sounding ear bliss I've ever had the honor of experiencing, and that show will always rank right up there with seeing Buddy Guy for the first time. It just doesn't get any better. Rest well, Bugs! Those of us who saw you in the flesh will always think of you and smile, knowing we got to experience one of the very best!

Never a DUH! moment! Well, almost never. OK, OK! Sometimes never!
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Bugs could rip like a champ, wail like a banshee, and moan like bent tenpenny nail hit with a greasy ball peen hammer. Rest in peace.

Always remember that you are unique. Just like everyone else.





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