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�When Less Is More�


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Regarding the When Less Is More article (great topic) in the current edition of Keyboard (12/2011), did anyone notice that information in the article and Stage Advice box regarding the use of bass notes seems a bit incongruent with some of the music examples provided? More specifically, the keyboard player is advised to play roots judicially and to go easy on roots especially in the lower range of the keyboard yet music examples 1-3 prominently feature octave roots, often in the lower range! Theres some really excellent, useful stuff in the article and music examples (e.g., make the song the first priority, use open voicings, avoid the third), but this just sort of jumped out at me.


Really enjoy Keyboard's new format....sorry for the :poke: right out of the gate.



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Layla's Piano Solo in Claptons original version, not that Holdiay Inn unplugged stuff, had a great sound and fit for that style of playing, but drones can sound good as long as the Bassist and keyboardist have it worked out.

An example of of Bass and Piano Bass Clef tones working really well together was Brooks & Dunn. Mot my kind of music actually but they stole my Lighting Director in the mid '90's so I always went and hung out.


Less is more works really well if you watch the way Jeff Lorber plays live. He doesn't get in the way of the 6 string bassist at all.

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