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OT: Is anyone in Ukraine (or recently been there)?


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lol; I'll be going there in about a month; landing in Kiev and travelling to Zaporozhye. Some questions:


1. Does Zaporozhye use the same 220 volt power converters and adapters as the rest of Europe? (for use with computer, camera and cellphone).

2. Anyplace special I should see?

3. What's the crime situation like?

4. Is it cool to drink the local water?

5. How hard is it to find Internet access?



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Hi, cnegrad!


I live in Kiev, my wife's parents live near Zaporozhye :)


1. 220V standard european plugs are OK almost everywhere. Sometimes (rarely now) they meet older soviet sockets, which are a bit tighter an need some force or small $0.5-1 adaptor (almost at any street vendor) to plug in right.


2. Lots of places in Kiev to see (PM me a reminder to compose you a long list :) ). Khortitsya island in Zaporozhye, maybe some more, I'll ask my wife for details.


3. Depends on the time and the part of the town you are in.


4. Water is generally OK, but most of the people use filters or buy bottled spring water in the nearest shop for cooking and drinking.


5. 2G, 3G usb kits are avaliable from local mobile operators - choose between coverage and speed here. For a city use only (Kiev, Zaporozhye) I would prefer 3G. There's also free Wi-Fi access in some cafe's, restaurants in the center of the city. Hotels have paid cards for Wi-Fi access.



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