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Hmmmm, what's this?


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A 76-key weighted action synth that weights 10 lbs, with an M3/Oasys engine, 256 note polyphony, full 64 track onboard sequencer that doubles as a full featured DAW.


All at under $800.


One can dream.

"In the beginning, Adam had the blues, 'cause he was lonesome.

So God helped him and created woman.


Now everybody's got the blues."


Willie Dixon






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Kronos is the Klingon home world.


Perhaps we should expect a workstation version of this:



When an eel hits your eye like a big pizza pie, that's a Moray.
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Korg already has Kaoss pad, and in greek mythology Khaos was the infinite space from which all came into existance.

So Kronos could also be something like kaossilator/kaoss pad.

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