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OT: Moon Eclipse


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From the linked article (emphasis added):


"The reason why this rarity is special is because near the horizon the moon appears a lot larger than how we normally perceive it directly overhead. This is due to the 'Moon Illusion' phenomenon which makes the moon look larger due to an optical illusion. The moon does not actually increase in size as one may assume."


Ummm, what moron would assume that the moon actually increases in size??? :confused::freak:

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@NoahZark: same morons who think we didn't land on it perhaps?


Had a clear sky last night. Lots of light pollution, but I could make out all the constellations. The moon appeared pinkish-orange, and I caught sight of two meteors streaking in. Very cool.


A nice antidote to the earlier work of effing around with iLoks, hard drive installation, and latency problems.



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It had been cloudy and rainy all day here in Oregon, but there was a brief clear period at about midnight, I went outside, and the moon was right overhead, blurry and very red. Was able to watch it for about 15 minutes before the clouds drifted back.

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