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keytar PROformance rare Korg RK100 treated with kid gloves.


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I love "sling ons" [keytars to the new borns] and the Korg RK100 was the first I ever owned..


built like a tank, and this proves it


but I can also understand why many keyboard players think they are cheesey.


And laugh I did....even though a vintage "sling on" was....slung.




enjoy....first 20 seconds if you cant make it the end.



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That's great. I had an RK100 back in the day. It was a solid.


Basic, yes, but survived being dropped, stepped on, etc.

I believe it was made out of solid wood. Wish I still had it.





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RK100 resilience noted. However,


yep...hee hee....it actually wasnt the resiliance I was noting, that was just a polite aside incase the dude sees himself on keyboard ....it was the proformance...how a guy feeling really cool can come unstuck because he simply didnt buy any strap locks.


morale is dont skimp.


I loved how his guitarist...mate... couldnt stop himself from laughing. This is one of those times when you cant help but giggle at an unfortunate "proformance"

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