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David Loving

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How many channels do you want/need and do you want it to be rackmountable or not?


I have a rackmounted Ashly LX308b in my gig rig which I absolutely LOVE (although it's a pricey piece of kit). It's dead quiet and flexible with lots of headroom.


I also have a Mackie 802vlz3 which mostly stays at home these days in my little home studio. Another nice quality mixer that I like a lot, and it can be had for a far more attractive price than the Ashly. You could go up to the 1202vlz3 if you needed/wanted more channels than the 802 provides.


Don't know anything about the Soundcraft Notepad, but I know Soundcraft mixers generally have a bunch of fans.



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I use the Alesis Multimix 6 FX shown here .


I like having one volume knob nearby, and a separately controlled "control room out" which I send to my monitor. I thought I would use the effects, but rarely do, except occasionally the delay. Don't know how it compares to what you have now, though. Good luck!




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Not to get off on a tangent, but NoahZark mentioned that Ashly 308B line mixer... Anyone own/play with an Ashly parametric e.q.? Now that's something that could inspire a heavy case of G.A.S. in me. I downloaded & skimmed thru the manual to a 'vintage' one because I noticed a friend in a band had one once. Very informative stuff-I think they're one of the first companies to manufacture para. eq's. I've read/heard that two outboard parametric e.q. units (for stereo) in capable hands, can be more effective for feedback control than two 31-band e.q. units. Btw, for live gigs I've recently gone from submixing into one of those Behringer line mixers, to my Mackie 1402-VLZ Pro, then sending mono signal to a powered monitor & my 'main outs' to the sound guy or main board (depending upon the band; I'm playing two presently). The Behringer was distorting intermittently even with moderate input levels from the keyboards/modules in my rig. I trouble-shot in terms of swapping Hosa cables for some thick Monoprice ones...still distortion. My verdict about that Behringer piece. It's a Behringer p.o.s. I tolerated it & wanted to love it. Really I tried to.

Hammond-Suzuki XK-3c, Neo Instruments Ventilator, Yamaha MX-88, Roland ‘chainsaw’ amp with casters 😉, Mackie SRM 450’s.

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I just use the mixer on my keyboard amp which looks something like this. http://salestores.com/stores/images/images_747/EMX512SC.jpg


Probably isn't the best or slickest way but it gives full control over what I send to FOH and what I amplify on stage and it is a single self contained unit that I can sell to anyone wanting a small PA.



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I have a similar setup. I use this one. For just that reason, I can separate what the house gets from my own setup.


Though I have a line mixer and I am thinking about going the powered speaker route. Either way will work.

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