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Crowd-sourcing ideas for rehearsal spaces

Phil W

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As you might have seen in another thread I am looking for possibilities of places to rehearse, other than the expensive rehearsal rooms that we have in London. If you've known me for a while, you'll know I am allergic to rehearsal but sometimes it's a necessary evil.

If you have any wacky ideas for unconventional spaces to rehearse please comment on this thread or at


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The school wasn't the closest school it was one that our guitarist knew opened late and had things going on in the main hall so the caretaker was about. He spoke to the council about it. Just thought with your contacts you might know a school who did that?

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I'm putting together A Band Of Friends and the guitarist & sax player are members of a golf club which is letting us practice there providing we do them 2 free gigs a year.



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A school is a good idea. Also, sometimes if schools are open for weekend school or community events, it's possible to use a classroom or other space then.


I mostly use rehearsal studios these days. Sometimes someone's basement. I used to use a school fairly regularly with some fellow employees.


When I lived in Italy, the band I was in used to practice in a warehouse. The mom of one of the musicians was the shipping manager, so we got to store gear in a corner of the place and could rehearse pretty much whenever we wanted after hours.







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Really neat ideas guys, thank you! I will bookmark this and come back to it as a resource!


Last night we played at the pianist's flat but we have some other possibilities now: a drum college (across town); a church hall near where I work (for a fee); a cheaper rehearsal studio across town; we've asked about renting a community room at a local big music venue and we're looking into a few more venues.


Update: http://philwbass.wordpress.com/2010/09/09/ideas-for-places-to-rehearse/#comment-702

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