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Gottschall Guitars


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Isn't that what the UPS guy says when he shows up at a guitar shop with a delivery- "Gottschall guitars..." ? :rimshot::D


Judging from their 'site, they sure appear to be beautiful, unique, innovative instruments, incredible design detail and workmanship, I'd love to have some... Love the unique new approach to soundhole and bracing design...


Those "Bothsides" models are wild! Like this steel-string/nylon-string Gottschall Bothsides model:





Ask yourself- What Would Ren and Stimpy Do?


~ Caevan James-Michael Miller-O'Shite ~

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From an engineering standpoint, they make little sense. They start by asking the generated sound to eminate from the one direction you would think is totally wrong. Away from you, away from your audience, but into the fretboard area where you would have the greatest chance of sympathetic string noise.

Looking at one of the interior design drawings on their site, the resonance panel inside the one guitar looks like it would absorb and stifle sound rather than help it exit. And in all honesty, IMHO I think the little soundholes in the bridge are a lot of nonsense, since they are not big enough to allow much airflow. I'd more buy that the holes in the bridge weaken the bridge, allowing it to resonate more, causing a brighter sound.


The designs are truly pieces of art. The wooden models are beautiful. The gold painted double-side is cute, but again, sympathetic strings. I'm not buying the engineering of the sound. Gimmicky. And if they stray too far from traditional sounds, no one would buy them.

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