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I would just like to mention... (concerning the XK3 & 3300)

Jim Alfredson

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I'm mixing some material for organissimo's upcoming live CD and I'd just like to mention that the sub output on the Leslie 3300 is simply awesome. I mic'd the Leslie with a stereo pair on the top rotor, kick drum mic on the bottom, and took a direct from the sub output.


All I can say is --- BASS! In yo' face! The quality, roundness, and HUGENESS of the bass coming from the sub output is a glorious thing. Gone are the days of trying different mic combinations and placements to get the bottom rotor to sound decent. No fuss, no muss. It sounds killer.


This is the sound I've been looking for ever since hearing that Verve side, The Further Adventures of Jimmy & Wes (on vinyl) where the organ bass is simply gorgeous. I sincerely believe RVG's secret on that stuff was a direct line from the organ, probably with some creative EQ.


Anyway... carry on!

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The mic'd rotor needs the sub output; there's simply not enough bass coming from the bottom rotor if the player is kicking basslines. It's due to the design of the cabinet; really no way around it.


I am probably running 70% direct output, 30% mic'd bottom rotor. I'll post a sample soon.

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Ok, here's a brief sample of the organ solo from a song. This clip illustrates another important point about the Leslie 3300: You can be RIPPIN' the upper drawbars and the volume and your bass doesn't disappear. So much headroom it's scary.






Check out how full it sounds when the bass pedals accent certain notes. Ooooo baby!


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Man...that sounds fantastic. I'm digging the bass...it has that heft it had in the room when I caught you guys live...just solid and beefy. That 3300 seems to record really well...your rig certainly sounds amazing live. Superb playing as always...looking forward to the live disc!




Todd A. Phipps

"...no, I'm not a Hammondoholic...I can stop anytime..."

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Sounds great, however I have to figure out some way to send this sound to my stereo as the computer speakers do not cut it. I think I just need to plug the audio out of the computer into the stereo, or if I can import this MP3 into itunes, I can send that wireless to the stereo.


Anyway, what's the drawbar setting etc. for this. I like it !!





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Thanks, everyone. Last night I roughed in all the tunes and I'm starting to really tweak the levels now for each part of each song. Also added a bit more beef to the kick.


The drawbar setting on the solo... hmmm... probably something like 880800128 for most of it. I'm constantly messing with them.

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Wow, finally got around to listening to this today, and, wow! Sounds excellent, love the low end, and, of course, the playing is great. Put me down for a copy when it's out.

Turn up the speaker

Hop, flop, squawk

It's a keeper

-Captain Beefheart, Ice Cream for Crow

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