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XK3 with a sansamp rbi?


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You might try old 50's/60's era tubes in its own preamp. New manufacture tubes seem to roll off some of the highs and lows and the overdrive can sound a little fizzy (IMO). Even the Electro Harmonix tubes that were in mine do this some. My '3c sounded pretty warm on its own but the old tubes I have tried (numerous different brands and types) really bring out the full range tone and have a nice hefty overdrive.


For quite a while I had an old Sylvania box plate 12AX7 along with an old Sylvania box plate 12AY7 (instead of an AU) in it. 12AY7 tubes seem to have a cleaner non-overdriven tone and a nice overdrive (again IMO). For the last few months I have been using a 12BZ7 in the AX socket and a 12AT7 in the AU socket - both box plates. They sound great.


What are you playing it through?

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This is the absolute bomb. It is expensive, and well worth it - it absolutely NAILs the sound of a leslie 122 amp, because it HAS a low power version of a 122 amp built inside.







"I keep wanting to like it's sound, but every demo seems to demonstrate that it has the earth-shaking punch and peerless sonics of the Roland Gaia. " - Tusker


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