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OT: Direct Buy Company?


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I forget what their name used to be, but I seem to recall they changed the name due to the negative image they got from so many complaints to the BBB.

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Yes, I am a member. Before Direct Buy they were United Consumer's Club. I like it, but I would not recommend joining now. It is too expensive. My wife got in when it was cheap.


Some stuff you get a great break on, esp. furniture. (Typ. 60% off, but with the surcharge (increased from 6% to 8%) and handling it is more like half off, although handling is sometimes zero). Other things not so much. Building products are very competitive, meaning you're not going to get much of a break.


Plus you never know what they're going to do. Last year I spent about $7K on Jenn-Air equipment, and a few months ago when I went back to complete my order they decided to stop carrying Jenn-Air because Jenn-Air wouldn't communicate and keep up with their pricing. Although they still sell the parent company stuff. Go figure.

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Good friends of ours swear by that company. They claim that they saved many thousands of dollars on their new home remodel by joining that group. He did the remodel just this year (well, 2009...) The husband says that he had gotten bids for the work locally before joining, and that some of the people sent over to handle the work were the same people from whom he had gotten bids... bids that were higher than what he paid Direct Buy.


I have no personal experience with them and I would have thought that it was scam-ish if asked before this point. But I can say that the stuff that was bought (along with other things, a completely new kitchen) was high quality stuff (appliances, cabinets, countertops,etc) and the work that was done was done very well... but that would always depend upon the local contractor.

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