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Korg SV-1 Stage Vintage Piano - Official Product Intro Video

Joe Muscara

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Presumably it might be possible for Korg to develop the software editor to program splits, were they so inclined.


PS/ Talk about your Thread That would not Die...

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It's back.... :cry:


At least temporarily. I swapped a pair of AKG 451s and a few hundred bucks to a friend for his barely used, only in the studio, 88. The mics were largely going unused and I was getting sick of waiting for the Kronos, so I went with it; definitely a spur of the moment thing....


I was at his place laying down some rhodes stuff, we got to talking and the next thing you know..... :laugh:


I need to download the new OS and SP 2 when I get a minute. But just as it is, I'm digging it, different vibe then the CP5. And 10 lbs. lighter. :thu:


Anyway, when the Kronos comes out I'll see if it's worth it to me to have the upgraded piano sound and all the other bells and whistles. The SV-1 might be perfectly fine.

I figure I can always sell it , probably not lose too much if any dough, or just hold onto it. I know there will be gigs where I won't feel like it's worth it hauling a 3K keyboard. :/


I have a few rock/RnB things coming up where this will be cool. :cool:


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Geez...this forum is hell on my Discover card! I tried out an SV1 about a year ago and returned it because I didn't like the bellish Rhodes nor the plasticy Wurly. (I was one of the "Give me a Herbie tone or give me death!" guys!)


So, now I stumble on this forum and learn that there is a new sound pack out and that it makes the SV1 almost a whole new instrument. It sounds like they listened to what people said and made some changes. Do most of you really feel like the new sound pack "changes the game?"



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Do most of you really feel like the new sound pack "changes the game?"

Haven't spent much time with the new OS, yet. For that matter, I was quite happy with many of the sounds "out of the box." Maybe you can get your local dealer to update the floor model.


14 months and some 30 gigs later, I'm still liking my 73. Question: anyone replaced the pre-amp tube yet? What's the expected life of those?

"I never knew that music like that was possible." - Mozart ( Amadeus movie)
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Maybe this is a better place to ask again a question from another thread:


Did anybody notice a difference in keyboard weighting between the 73-key version and the 88?

I played both at a store a few days ago, and their actions felt definely different to me. This was confirmed by the guy at the store.

However, the korg site says RH3 action for both.


Note - It was NOT a difference in velocity response cuves; there was a definite difference in the physical feel of the keys.



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