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Wurlitzer rack owners...help!


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Hi there,


Since I haven't found any reasonable priced rack for Wurlitzer 200a, I've decided to make such thing myself.


So what I would need now is the dimensions of the rack. I have somekind of picture, but if just someone could help me a little:


-diameter of the material (two different(?): the frame and the grill). And is the first and last poles of the grill thicker than the rest?

-how long is the part that goes to the holes of the wurly and is the angle about 90 degrees?


Help would be very much appreciated.





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One would think that, with the keyboard in front of you, it would be a reasonably easy thing to do to design it from the measurements you could take on the keyboard itself; hole diameter, depth (hint: use a piece of firm thin wire or a wire coat hanger straightened to serve as a plumb for depth), distance between the two mounting holes... as for the angle, you could make it whatever you like.


Maybe it's just me... :snax:


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