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How come musicians don't talk more about music licensing??

Brad Samson

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I've recently been looking into getting my music licensed so I've been visiting different forums to gain knowledge. I've realized there aren't very many threads and posts about licensing music which confused me since it is such a huge business!!! Any thoughts on that??


Also, does any have suggestions on which library to place music with? There are tons of libraries out there and I'd like some feedback on who might be a good one to work with.


And to increase my knowledge about music licensing, what are the best resources to use? I read a newsletter earlier today which made music licensing sound even more interesting ( therealmusicproject.com/newsletter ) but I'd like more info so if anyone can point me in the right direction, I would be grateful!!! Thanks!

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Hi Folks,


Just a quick update on our site at www.musiclibraryreport.com. Since opening about a week ago, we have over 150 music libraries listed and over 200 comments and ratings from users about many of those libraries. If you are a composer or songwriter working with music libraries we would like to hear your experiences as well, please come and add to the knowledge base. As far as we know there is nowhere on the Internet were this resource exists. I for one have learned a lot about which libraries I want to deal with and those to stay away from. BTW you do not need to use your real name or e-mail address when commenting.



Thank you


Art Munson

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