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The sex incident, a Les Paul story

Nicolas Rivera

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This happened on the 01-07-2009.


Well..... i was at night relaxing watching tv with my les paul at arms, then my beautiful wife came on to me with a sexy mood and i just could not resist so i put the LP on one side and started making love, about 20 minutes later i hear that sound that's one of the most terrifying sounds of all time, a loud bang, the sound of wood meeting with tiles at 2 km/hr.Shi...t my Les Paul is on the floor face up....i jumped out of bed leaving my dear loved to see what my then acceptable neglect action to put the guitar in a stand has done. Well the guitar hit the floor with the headstock first so a little ship of wood from the back part came off and a hit on one side of the body was evident but thats all, i was relieved that the neck or headstock did not break. Damm this Les Paul are very well made!!!


After my heart restarted to normal rhythm i continued with my duty as a husband and man. But this is a great lesson for me, no matter what, always take the time to put your guitar in a stand of a case.



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I think you should just think of it as a "notch" in your guitar to commemorate a good time! :) Well worth it!


And be happy that it wasn't one of those old SGs, whose headstocks would crack clean off if you just looked at them sideways. :freak:


PS - this forum seems to have been in nneed of some fresh livening up lately, and I think you're doing it - thanks. :D

Just a pinch between the geek and chum



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I was playing at a church once. We had finished our set, and I was sitting there listening to the preaching. Someone walked across the stage and accidentally knocked my guitar over - an Alvarez acoustic.


It fell in just such a way as to split the headstock - severe damage. Luckily, I took it to an excellent repairman and the guitar is now good as new! And yes, the pastor was good enough to reimburse me for the repair work, since it happened on his watch.... I have noticed over the years that not all of them are that responsible!


"We damaged your equipment? Well, praise the Lord... life goes on, right??" etc. etc.

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