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Cubase 5 question - certain VST's make it crash

Tom Fiala

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I recently upgraded to Cubase 5, but am having some issues with certain VST's, (particularly Arturia's) which can cause the program to hang when booting up.


I suspect it has to do with which particular folder I put the Vst's in. I've been using C:program files\Steinberg\Cubase 5\Vstplugins to place both the .dll file and the rest of the Vst stuff.


Is that correct? Or is there a better way to do it?

Tom F.

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They can go here as well: C:program files\Steinberg\Vstplugins.


If the plugs are not in the right place, they will usually just not show up in the VST Instruments pulldown. They don't usually cause the host to hang.

Are the Arturia plugs registered on some sort of key?

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With Cubase 4, Steinberg migrated from the VST2 standard to the new VST3 standard. To ensure compatibility with older VSTi's/plug-ins, they developed something called a VST bridge. In my system (latest version of C4 OSX) this hardly ever works well, frequently causing it to crash.


Most stuff should be updated by now to VST3 standards, and I guess the bridge has gotten more reliable as well, but I wouldn't be surprised if this has something to do with it.


But the guys that REALLY know about stuff like this are here:





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I cannot tell you about Cubase, except to say that if a VST causes a problem, but not all VSTs cause a problem, the problem more likely lies with the VST than with the host program.


There are a few changes going on in the DAW software world right now as they adapt to changes in computers; it may take the VST guys a little time to catch up, or to decide upon a 'right' way to do something, or just to have to dance a while as the host guys make up their minds about how THEY are going to handle certain changes.

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